Atlast Supreme Court approves NEET for admission in MBBS


Atlast the Supreme Court on Thursday paved the way for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) this year for admission into medical colleges.

The SC directed the Centre and CBSE to go ahead and conduct two-phase single common entrance test for MBBS, BDS and PG courses through the NEET.

The apex court said that the AIPMT, which is to take place on Sunday, would be considered as first phase of the NEET.

The second phase would be conducted on July 24, the SC said.

The SC turned down plea of state governments and private colleges that NEET cannot be imposed on them.
With today’s SC order, all other examinations scheduled for next month stand scrapped.
The final result of two phases of the NEET would be declared by August 17.
“Those students who have not applied for AIPMT will be given opportunity to appear in second phase of the NEET examination on July 24,” the SC said.


SC said that multiple tests must give way to the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) for the current (2016-17) session itself.

NEET, which was declared illegal and unconstitutional by SC in 2013, was restored on April 11 after a five-judge Constitution bench recalled the earlier verdict and allowed the Centre and the Medical Council of India (MCI) to implement the common entrance test till the court decides afresh on its validity.

Despite the revival of NEET, the authorities failed to implement it, forcing NGO Sankalp Charitable Trust to approach SC for enforcing the mechanism for a common test for admission in MBBS, BDS and PG courses in all colleges.students-study-attable

Advocate Amit Kumar, appearing for the petitioner NGO Sankalp Charitable Trust, told a SC bench of Justices A R Dave, Shiva Kirti Singh and A K Goel that the Centre, MCI and CBSE were dilly-dallying in implementing the court’s order on implementing the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), compelling students to appear in as many as 90 entrance exams across the country for admission.


Senior advocate K.K. Vengopal, appearing for Karnataka medical colleges, submitted that the apex court was violating the natural principles of justice by reserving for final orders without even giving the colleges and objecting States a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

He said that call centres have been set up and colleges had received over 1.5 lakh applications from all over the country and this was too late to introduce the NEET system now.

“Why is the Supreme Court of India not rendering natural justice. Hear us in detail first before passing orders. This is the highest court of the country,” Mr. Venugopal said.

State of Uttar Pradesh also intervened, saying exams dates had been fixed and any last minute change would only burden students.

“We have to hear and decide this fast as they [MCI and Union] are running out of time,” Justice Dave explained.

“They are running out of time? It is we who are running out of time,” UP counsel reacted.







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